Koh Samui

We had our get-the-hell-away vacation at Koh Samui, Thailand from 26.jun to 29.jun....

Day 1(Jumaat, 26.June.09)
8.00am: Went to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang.
10.00am: Departed to Koh Samui (Fireflyz FY3068. The flight took us about 2 hour journey.....Perjalanan yang agak lama coz pakai propeller punye aircraft.hehhe..there were 2 in flight slaves (stewardess la dlm bahasa polite)..they served us with 1 muffin and 1 drink throughout the journey...(sedap la jgak).....
11.00am (Koh Samui Time): 1 hour late from Malysia time...we arrived at the Samui Airport and the Hotel staff have already waiting for us..Thanks for the punctuality's. Naik van Toyota Hiace (besar gedabak).....By the way our hotel accomodation is at Banburee Resort and Spa Hotel ( ..
1145am: Sampai hotel....dapat bilik gile.

Then we took a nice 3 hour sleeps (coz mlm sblmnye tdo lmbt packing)...after that around 5pm, we book our shuttle van to Lamai Beach..(lamai beach is one of the tourist attraction in Samui but less crowded compared to Chaweng Beach)...

530pm...we arrived at Lamai is a nice small town with a lot of things to look, to do and to buy..( is hard for Muslim to find some fresh meat to eat. last....there is 1 restaurant serving halal kebab...nice 1...the owner is from wife had a mixed kebab (100baht) and for me..nasi with chicken kebab slices (180baht) mango juices (80baht) and coke (30baht)...the price we paid seem to be reasonable (it is an island of course, don't expect cheaper price, plus it is HALAL food) . then we went jalan2 across the street, there are few shops selling different kind of things but mainy ...there are muay thai boxing court just beside the main road surrounded with 6 to 8 mini bars..those bars have a pole in the middle; the girls will do the pole dance while u are having the drink. sound nice is it..hahhah..opposite of the group of bars is a transvestite night club..u will see a group of lady boys stand in front of the yard with a peacock feathers on his/her head to attract passerby coming into the club...

We took a walk towards the center of the city and then my wife had a nice body massage. 1 hour rate is 300. (this is a good massage place not main2 one...)i didnt take a participation for the massage since i was too tired. Approximately 1030pm, we went back to our hotel..

Day 2 (Saturday)
7am We woke up early, had a limited breakfast (since we cant eat meat at the hotel), then we took a shuttle van to Chaweng Beach which is the main city in Koh Samui...about 45minutes drive by Toyota Fortuner, we arrived at the Chaweng beach. My first impression of Chaweng Beach...--It is a Superb creation of Al-Mighty..we hardly find this astonishingly view back home.the water is so clear even u can sea crabs swim..then we took a walk along the beach until we merged to the main road again. We spent most of the day jalan2 buying things to bring home. Such as t-shirts, key chain, bags, blanket, souveniors, and so on. The price for branded sporting goods is quite cheap too. my wife bought a Adidas Wallet for 500baht, cap for 300baht and a small travelling bag for 400baht. then we had our rest at the Starbuck and had a refreshing drinks.

Later on, my wife had her hair braided for 500baht (1 whole head).hehehe...around 530pm, after tired walking and sightseeing, we went back to our hotel. Penat sangat2 coz the weather is quite hot and humid sweating a lot. .heehee...

We arrived at our hotel about 615pm...called the front desk and asked about motorcycle rental..1 days 250baht..Ok la kot since book thru hotel, klo carik sendirik kat luar can get aroud 100/150baht per day..Then we booked the motor and took a ride to Lamai beach..
Before we proceed to Lamai, we stopped at the Muslim Village. we hope that we can have our halal seafood but unfortunately kedai da tutup la plak..Interesting facts about the village: Population: 5oo+ (all Muslims) , Language: Thais and bahasa Melayu, 1 Mosque (the only mosque in the island), Children went to public school in the morning and private school (they teach Islamic teaching , mengaji, and bahasa melayu) in the afternoon.
So, we ordered 1 udang kara (lobster) for our lunch the next morning..Kene order coz barang ni consider mahal, se depa x keep stock.heheh..Perut pun da lapar, so we went to Lamai and mkan kebab lagik..eheheheeh

(Aku post je la dulu yang ni..lame sangat da buat, xpost2 pun..nanti aku update le balik)


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